This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about U2LYZE, or if you need support, please contact us!


How do I join the U2LYZE community?

On our website click the sign-up button! It’s that simple. We let you see what the community has in store before you fully commit.

Can I try the services before I sign up for a membership?

Certainly! All our members will have access to service for 7 days for a trial.

If I sign-up, can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, absolutely. If you decide you no longer need the services you are able to cancel. Please review our Cancellation and Refund Policy.  If you ever need us again we are always here for you.

Are there any service promo codes or discounts?

We partner with certain tech bootcamps & colleges to offer services to students and alumni. Reach out to our team to see if your school is apart of our partnership program info@u2lyze.com.


What does it mean to be ‘untapped talent’?

Untapped talent is defined as a resource that has a large potential for use but has not been exploited to its maximum efficiency and usage.

When you are untapped or hidden talent you are often overlooked by companies or recruiters because their perception of your value differs from your perception of value.

Is untapped talent a way to say entry-level and/or low quality?

Not at all! Someone considered untapped talent can have years of experience but may not get the full visibility they need due to a host of reasons.

Career Services

How long does the process take for resume review and analysis?

From the time of resume submission the full process typically takes about 3-75days to complete.

How many resume consultations do I get with my membership?

 A total of one (1) complimentary resume consultation per month.  You may purchase additional, please contact us for pricing.

If I need more resume consultations what are my options?

 A total of one (1) complimentary resume consultation per month.  You may purchase additional, please contact us for pricing.

Do you offer resume writing services?

At this time we are not offering resume writing services. In the future we hope to expand and offer additional services. 

Talent Directory

Is there a fee to be apart of the talent directory?

Nope! We provide this service as an added benefit to our members to help with their job search.

Do I have to sign-up as a member to have my profile in the talent directory?

Yes, the talent directory is service only available to members.

I signed up for membership, do I have to add my profile?

We provide this service as an added benefit to our members to help with their job search. You are not obligated to have your profile added (but we highly suggest it!)

Who has access to the profiles?

Aside from the associates at U2LYZE, company recruiters and hiring managers will have access to view profiles, request candidates be added to talent pools and/or request candidates to be apart of interviews.

Do I have the ability to control what information I share?

Absolutely! We offer three share settings 1) Full; 2) Limited; 3) Anonymous


Do I have to sign-up as member to access the community and related content?

Yes, the community is only accessible to members.

Do recruiters and hiring mangers have access to community?

No only job seekers will have access to the community.

Can recruiters or hiring managers see or know what I post in the community? Can what I post keep me from getting hired?  

Content posted in the community is accessible to job seeker  members and schools. U2LYZE does not share member postings with recruiters and hiring managers and they do not have access to the community. However, there is no way for us to guarantee what information can eventually get back that may impede hiring decisions. We do expect all members to maintain professionalism and respect when engaging within the community. If we find that a member is acting in a way that violates our code of conduct we have a right to remove them from the community. For additional details please see the U2LYZE Code of Conduct.

Perks and Discounts

Do I have to sign-up as member to use the perks and discounts?

Yes, the Perks and Discounts program is only available to members.

How does the Perks & Discounts program work?

Pretty simple, members will have direct access to over 30,000 partners including retailers, health & fitness facilities, tickets & more! 

Can I share the perks and discounts with my family and friends.

At this time the Perks & Discounts program can not be extended to non-members. Only the member that is signed-up is able to receive benefits unless the specified perk/discount says otherwise.

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