Cancellation and Refund Policy

Last Revised: 9/9/2020

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U2LYZE is a digital and community subscription designed, developed, and sold by U2LYZE, LLC. Purchasing a subscription on U2LYZE gives the purchaser immediate and month-to-month access to current resources, guidance, videos, templates, and community content in The U2LYZE Membership Portal.

All sales are final. U2LYZE has a No Returns, No Refunds policy as a way of honoring the client’s commitment to personal development, informed decision-making, and accountability. There is no trial or grace period after purchasing the resume-consultation service.

Purchasers can cancel their U2LYZE membership at any time. Purchasers must request to cancel by logging into membership portal and submitting cancellation request OR emailing at least 2 business days before their next billing cycle begins in order to avoid automatically renewing membership and payment the following month. Please note that cancellation is only effective once you receive a cancellation confirmation email from our team.

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