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Are you ready for a confidential resume analysis from an AI-powered review tool?

Why is resume review and optimization so important? Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the average job advertised online received over 250 applicants. Now, with millions unemployed, the job market has become much more competitive. To get a job you have to get an interview. To get an interview, you have to get past the applicant tracking systems (ATS). Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to make their candidates screening process more efficient & easier. Once you pass the ATS then and only then will your resume get into the hands of the hiring manager for review.

How it works?
  1. Show us what you got  – Once you sign-up as a member, send us your current resume.
  2. Power Up You Resume –  The AI-powered review tool will analyze your resume. 
  3. View your personalized results – You will received targeted, personalized guidance and suggestions to improve your resume.

What to expect?

Style & Structure

You will receive feedback on how to structure and organize your resume.

Writing & Mechanics

You will receive feedback on grammar, formatting, word count, and skills.

ATS Review & Analysis

The analysis will show you how an ATS works and how it will view your resume.

Talent Community

The U2LYZE community consists of freelancers  from all over the nation,  who help businesses reimagine old ways of getting work done while shaping a better, more efficient solution for all industries. Community participants have come together to grow and collaborate with the ability to interact with others and freely express themselves.

What to expect?

Extra Support

Have a network of people in your same area of work that can help you get unstuck.

Team Up on Projects

Collaborate with other U2LYZERS on interesting projects that will help you grow skills.

Find Jobs

Discover job offers, contracts and internships that professionals like you qualify for.

Perks and Discounts

It’s free just for being a U2LYZER!

Why and What’s in it for you?

We care about your financial well-being so we’ve partners with some of the top brands, local and national, to provide member-only access to private discounts and company rates on everything from food to electronics, tickets, restaurants, flowers, home, apparel, and more. Find the perks that matter to you!

What to expect?

    Health and Wellness

     Exclusive value-adds on fitness clubs, fitness equipment, spa services, YMCAs, and more.


    Big savings on your favorites technology brands.

    Office Supplies

    Exclusive savings over retail or public websites on office supplies & solutions

    Multi Categories

    Everyday savings on a broad range of categories.