Welcome U2LYZERS!

Glad you found us.  This F2F community was created for people like you who seek help and support as you navigate your career – plus want more opportunities to grow and collaborate.

We created a space where you can “bring your whole self” hence the reason we did not create a group on other social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Slack, etc). This community is for gig seekers to freely express yourselves without fear of information being used during your career search.

Wit that in mind companies, recruiters, hiring managers are not able to access the community.

How It Works

This is community is a resource:

  1. Connecting you to other gig seekers for extra support
  2. Collaborate with others & help shape our knowledge bank
  3. Discover job opportunities of interest 

Many other benefits – check out the Perks & Discounts Program, resource toolkits, and forum challenge to help you level up. As long as you remain a subscriber your membership to the community will be active.

Remember – this space is a resource and shouldn’t feel like you’re at work. Take the pressure off, relax, and enjoy!  We are excited that you decided to let us be apart of your journey .

As always, we are here to help and ensure a safe space for our members. Feel free to contact us anytime about our Code of Conduct or Terms violations, abuse/harassment or any other forum related issue(s). Follow @U2LYZE on Instagram or Linkedin for service updates.



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